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On the Farm

Images from the Farmer's Market

Outdoor Summer Farmer's Market in the Jack Elstro Plaza of downtown Richmond Indiana
Outdoor Summer Farmer's Market in the Jack Elstro Plaza of downtown Richmond Indiana. Fresh Fruits Vegetables both dried and live Herbs & Perennials for sale

Fruits and Vegetables in a summer CSA basket
This early August Two Person Household "Basket" is actually in a recycled banana box. Contains: Endive, Blueberries, Tomatoes, Peaches, Potatoes, Sweet corn, Sweet peppers, Chili peppers, Cucumbers, Zucchini, & Onions. See info about our CSA; includes FREE delivery to your door in Richmond each week this summer! Also delivering in Wayne & Randolph counties.

Herbs at the Farmer's Market
Selling off the Brick Walk at the Plaza Farmer's Market & CSA pick-up point. Good change from old city parking lot!

Farmer's Market
Back with the Food Trucks at the Farmer's Market

Freezer truck
A common question at the Farmer's Market is: 'What is in the Silver colored Tower in the back of the truck?'--The wiring, switches & electronics to run the freezers and refrigerators off of the truck engine, off of the grid when docked at the farm, and off the Solar-electric Awning (Port Pal) when we will be parked for extended times and battery will not suffice at a Food pick up point, or Farmer's Market. Keeping the frozen foods at -20F while cruising at 55mph is not a problem; (and better than most food trucks on the road)!

Early to set up at the Main Street Farmer's Market
To the Market today by Articulated Light Cart

Corner spot at the Main Street Farmer's Market in the Articulated Light Cart Hybrid vehicle
ALC vs flat bed truck
Can't get fresher vegetables
Herbs Fruits Vegetables on an ALC cart
Banana boxes fit and are light weight
The boxes say: "Bananas", but we have no bananas; we just use the boxes because they are the right size and light weight.  The signs in this sidewalk display picture say: "Swiss Chard" and "German Statice"; but what goes without saying here is: Apples! Apples! Apples!
Open air Farmer's Market
Is this a market or a party?

On the bicycle today
On the bicycle today, with fully loaded trailer.

Slow moving vehicle sign on bicycle trailer
The slow moving vehicle sign came from one of my very good customers who saw me riding on the shoulder of the highway the other day.  I was just about to order one for the ALC, and pay with, you know, the money, when he came in and had a selection of several that he had picked up at yard sales since he had heard that I was going to install one.  Now, we are having a bumper crop of sweet onions, many of which are weighing in at over 2 lbs. each.  This particular sign was obtained in trade for 2 onions.  What a deal!

Partially set up at Farmers Market
Partially set up. Herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables, eat it now, or grow if for later.  You can put quite a bit on a bike.

Sweet corn on both sides
Vendors on both sides of me have sweet corn for sale.  Our corn was saved for seed this year.  But you can get your Kohlrabi here; or Jalapeño peppers.  The basil will always be fresh.  The green beans delivered at 8 this morning were picked at 9 last night.

Main street Farmer Market selling
Half way through the morning, and over half sold. The trip back will be much lighter.

I'm pretty good as some things
My neighbor snickers as I set up the tripod and run to get in the picture.  Later I overheard her talking about her new camera equipment and the historical documents that she is recording with it.  If I had been using my head, I could have asked her to take the picture.

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CSA & Buyer's Club

CSA & Buyer's Club
  On the Farm

On the Farm

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