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The BatteryTuner Tool Kit has several new technologies for care and maintenance of many types of batteries.  Also, in particular the newest technology in maintenance and repair/recovery tools for 6 volt and 12 volt lead/acid batteries of all types.  Extend the life of your batteries.  Recover 'dead' and old batteries. Improve charging efficiency and capacity.  More power! Less waste! More dependable! Save money!  Every visitor to your place should be popping the hood at your Port PALTM and even if they don't need the recharge for the trip home, their battery can be Tuned to save their fossil fuel, belts, wear on the alternator, etc. 

The BatteryTuner Tool Kit comes with an array of equipment, tools and devices for battery maintenance, care, rejuvenation and repair; diagnostic tools, and cables and connectors for common hookups. It includes one large Model B BatteryTuner 'Big Bro' Multifunction AC powered tuner and smart charger with diagnostics.  The kit also comes with one small, electronic Model S BatteryTuner 'Little Sis' for Solar and DC powered maintenance and recovery tuning. The kit contains multiple cable connections for the Eoto standard pin connector and other ring connector and battery post clamp hookups 20' copper 2 ga. wire cables, and more.

BatteryTuner Model B Big Bro Fast charger Battery maintainer and diagnostics
BatteryTuner Big Bro
BatteryTuner Model B has complete tools for charging, maintenance, restoring, and diagnostics for 12v batteries.  Model B can be set manually for 3 different charge rates (2A, 8A, 12A), and has a fully automatic charging and maintenance variable charge rates setting with detection and treatment for lead-sulfate hard crystal condition and automatic shut-off.  Model B has full LED reporting of above functions plus battery charge level, voltage, charge rate, sulfation, & reverse polarity.  Protection from reverse polarity, overheating, and shorts.  Smart battery diagnostics. 
BatteryTuner Model B Operating Instructions
BatteryTuner Model B is for all types of 12v batteries.
Batteries do not need to be removed from the vehicle to safely connect and use the BatterTuner Model B.
Connect the Red clamp to the positive battery terminal and the black to negative.
Plug the AC power cord to a grounded outlet.
The need for battery tuning in all types of lead/acid batteries is automatically detected when connected. The BatteryTuner will send radio signal pulses at frequencies to restore the efficiency of the battery's charge and storage capacities.  This operation is indicated by the yellow LED on constantly.  When the battery is tuned, this LED will flash.
The BatteryTuner Model B will automatically treat batteries when needed.  It will tune the battery only when the battery has gone into float charge and the voltage is lower than 13V. The process cycles every 4±0.5h until the voltage is higher than 13V. If it cycles 5 times and the voltage is still lower than 13V, there will be a code “F01” present on the display panel, indicating error. Battery tuning radio signal treatment and BatteryTuner float charge and automatic settings are safe for all lead-acid liquid batteries including sealed and flooded types.
Press the Display Mode button to toggle digital display content as follows:
* Current – When selected, charging current (A) will be displayed.
* Voltage – When selected, present battery voltage (V) will be displayed. The voltage displayed is the present charging voltage.
* Battery Capacity % - When selected, approximate percentage of battery charge will be displayed.
o At less than 50% battery capacity, the display will read “LO”
o The display will increase in 10% increments between 50% to 90% capacity.
o At full charge, the display will read “FUL”
Press the Charge Rate button to select desired charge rate as follows:
* 2-12 A Automatic Charge – To help extend the life of your battery and ensure it is delivering its maximum potential, it is important to charge the battery at a rate that is appropriate and safe for its capacity. Charging a battery at too high of a charge rate, while fast, may shorten the expected life of a battery. Charging a battery at too low of a charge rate, while safer, takes longer and does not ensure the battery will reach 100% of its capacity. Optimal Charge logic automatically selects the ideal charge rate for your battery. In Optimal Charge mode, the BatteryTuner starts charging at a low, safe current. Gradually, the BatteryTuner increases current as the battery demonstrates it can accept a higher current. This will result in a safely charged battery reaching its utmost capacity.
8 A or 12 A Charge Rate – Use for faster charging of small-to-large capacity automotive, marine, deep cycle and farm tractor batteries.
2 A Charge Rate - Use for charging motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, personal watercraft, garden tractor and golf car batteries.
2 A maintainer mode- use for maintaining a battery with large capacity.
The BatteryTuner Model B comes with 2 run connect charging leads for extra versatility – standard clamps and ring terminals. The battery may be charged and treated using any of the two connection options.
Warning: you can only select one charging method for charging at a time.
A blinking green LED light indicates that the battery is being charged. A solid green LED light indicates that the battery is fully charged or that the BatteryTuner is in Maintenance mode.
The BatteryTuner Model B is designed to automatically shut off once battery charging is complete to prevent overcharging. When charging is complete, the Charge Status LED light will stop blinking and the digital display will read “FUL”.
Charge completion is indicated when the Charge Status LED stops blinking and illuminates continuously (green). The digital display will also show a “FUL” message. The BatteryTuner has stopped charging and switched to Maintenance mode.
Once charging is complete, the BAtteryTuner Model B will automatically go into Maintenance mode (also known as float mode monitoring).  In this mode, the BatteryTuner keeps the battery fully charged by delivering a small amount of current, when necessary, to keep the battery at peak charge.  This process will resume for around 1 hour, and after that, the digital display will show read “FUL”, and the DC clamps will automatically power down.
If the cables are incorrectly connected to the battery, the Reverse Polarity indicator will illuminate. Note: the BatteryTuner will not begin treatment if the Reverse Polarity indicator is lit.
If a battery is left discharged for an extended period of time, it could become sulphated and unable to accept a charge. The Tuning Mode may help reverse the effects of sulphation and restore a battery’s ability to accept a charge. If the BatteryTuner Model B detects a sulphated battery, it will automatically activate Battery Tuning mode. This is indicated by a blinking yellow LED and the digital display will show you ”-“ in turns. If successful, normal recharging will resume after the battery is tuned.  If the first attempt at desulphation is unsuccessful, the BatteryTuner will make up to four more attempts. If still unsuccessful at tuning the battery, fault code “F01” will be displayed, indicating the battery will not accept a charge and should be replaced.
If charging can’t be completed normally, charging will be aborted. The digital display may show a fault code. To reset the BatteryTuner Model B after an aborted charge, disconnect the battery or unplug the BatteryTuner.
The BatteryTuner continuously monitors battery condition and may report certain charging failures as fault codes. Refer to the section called “FAULT CODES” for a complete list.
The BatteryTuner is designed to control its high speed cooling fan for efficient operation. Consequently, it is normal for the fan to start and stop during charging.
The BatteryTuner Model B is designed to shut itself off if overheating is detected. Once the BatteryTuner cools down, it will resume charging automatically.
Display Panel—It can indicate present voltage, current, and battery capacity or wrong condition code.
With AC power input, when not connected to the battery, the BatteryTuner shows that there is no power output with the display panel present moving/scrolling “8”. After connected to the battery, the panel will display the battery information according to what you choose. If the battery voltage is higher than 13.6±0.2V, the panel will displays “FUL”.
When error occurs, the panel displays error code.
The meaning of the codes are enumerated below. 
 Current Indicator--It is a green LED indicator. When the display panel indicates the present current, this LED indicator illuminates. 
 Voltage Indicator--It is a green LED indicator. When the display panel indicates the present voltage, the voltage LED indicator illuminates.
 Battery level indicator--When the display panel indicates the battery level, this LED indicator will illuminate.
Battery Condition Codes:
Code - LO - low Battery
Code - 60~90 - Current battery level
Code - FUL - Full Battery
Automatic charging indicator-it indicates the charging rate you chose is automatic.
 2A current indicator – It indicates the charging rate you chose is 2A.
 8A current indicator-- It indicates the charging rate you chose is 8A.
 12A current indicator-- It indicates the charging rate you chose is 12A.
Charging rates selecting switch--You can choose the charge rates-2A, 8A or 12A by pressing this switch.
 Display Button Switch--You can choose what to display on the panel by pressing the button. The default display is the current charging rate.
 Reverse Polarity LED --It is a red LED. When clips are connected to the battery improperly, this red LED illuminates.
Charging State LED --It is a green LED, when battery is charged at a constant current or a constant voltage, the green LED flash. When the battery goes into float charge, the BatteryTuner will cut receiving power to battery for 1 minute to check the charging state. At this time, the green LED illuminates. If the battery is full charged or goes into float mode, this green LED will illuminate steadily.
 2Amp Maintainer – Use 2Amp port to do the battery maintenance.
Operation for the 2 Amp Maintainer
Connect the maintainer cord to the BatteryTuner and connect the clamps’ cable or ring cable to the battery; positive (+) to positive (+), negative (-) to negative (-).  Then connect the clamp cable or ring cable to the maintainer port, the red LED will light up if you connect the cables to the battery improperly, and the green LED will light up if you connect the cables in the properly.
Note: The digital display only show you a moving/scrolling “8” when using a 2Amp Maintainer cord. Do not use the battery maintainer and the battery charger simultaneously.
The built-in intelligent microprocessor will continuously monitor and adjust the BatteryTuner to provide a fast, safe and efficient charge. Note that battery charge times will vary depending on several factors including:
1. Battery State – Depending on the voltage of your battery, it may take up to 10 hours to charge. Batteries with higher voltage can usually be charged in a few hours.
2. Battery Rating – A higher rated battery will take longer to charge than a lower rated battery under the same conditions. A battery is rated in ampere-hours (Ah), reserve capacity (RC) and cold-cranking amps (CCA).
3. Charge Rate – The charge rate is measured in amps. A battery charged at a lower rate will take longer than a battery charged at a higher rate. However, smaller batteries can be easily damaged by charging at a rate which is too high for the capacity of the battery.
4. Temperature – Cold temperature will affect a batteries ability to accept a charge. Charging in cold temperatures will increase the amount of time required to charge a battery.
Use the following charge rates for capacity of the battery
2A for 8AH~20AH
8A for 32AH~80AH
12A for ≥48AH
If battery size is not known, charge at the 2amp rate. DO NOT overcharge batteries.
Clean cords and clamps each time you are finished using the BatteryTuner. Wipe off any battery fluid or debris that might have come in contact with the clamps to prevent corrosion.
Store the power and output cable neatly to prevent damage.
Occasional cleaning of the BatteryTuner case with a soft cloth will help protect the finish.
Always unplug the BatteryTuner when not in use.
Keep the BatteryTuner stored in a cool, dry place.
Code - F01
Condition - The battery voltage is less than 10v after 10 minutes of charging or The battery voltage is still less than 13v after multiple tuning attempts.
Maybe there is short circuit in the battery.
A load may be connected to the battery.
The battery is sulphated beyond tuning.

Code - F02
Condition - Charge voltage is too high.
Battery is not a 12 volt battery.

Code - F03
Condition - Charge current is too high.
A load may be connected to the battery.

Code - F04
Condition - The temperature of the BatteryTuner is too high.

Code - F05
Condition - Ther battery does not go into Maintenance mode after being charged for 24 hours.
The charge current is too low, can't fully charge the battery.
Maybe there is a short circuit in the battery.
The battery is used during charging.
The self-discharging current is larger than the floating current.

Code - Moving/Scrolling "8"
Condition - BatteryTuner clamps not receiving electrical signal from battery.
Unit plugged into power source prior to clamps being attached. 
Battery is too low of a voltage to start BatteryTuner. Use a manual charger to bring voltage up first.
Using 2Amp Maintainer cord.

Eoto BatteryTuner Model S Little Sis stand-alone and solar charger model battery restoration and maintenance

BatteryTuner Little Sis
BatteryTuner Model S is a full time radio frequency pulse BatteryTuner TM that will treat all types of lead/liquid-acid 6 & 12v batteries.  It runs full time when connected to any battery for restoration or maintenance.  Model S is safe for all 6v or 12v lead/acid batteries including sealed and flooded types.
BatteryTuner Model S Operating Instructions
Model S is manually connected for treatment, and disconnected to stop. 
Connect the red wire to the positive (+) terminal of the battery.
Connect the black wire to the negative terminal of the battery.
The green LED is on when the device is working.
The Model S can be used alone, drawing it's power from the battery (45mA), or it can be connected in parallel with any charger with output inside the range of 4.5v-16v. including Solar chargers, AC to DC chargers, vehicle alternators, Eoto generators, etc. 
Batteries do not need to be removed from the vehicle to safely connect and use the BatterTuner Model S.  

Temperature compensating 
Battery electrolyte solution   1.100 - 1.300 sg. 

Extra Cables and Connectors
  Your BatteryTuner Tool Kit comes with several extra cables and connectors for common applications which includes a set of heavy duty booster jumper cables: Red + and Black - with heavy zinc coated steel clamps and copper teeth;  Stranded copper wire size: 2 gauge; Length 20 feet; 500 amp.

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